Set of 3 100% linen kitchen towels in navy blue

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PANE is a rustic set of three linen kitchen towels. The set includes a plain towel, a ruffled towel and a towel trimmed with cotton embroidery. The elegant details make PANE a decorative set, and the linen fabric makes the set functional.

“CASA TOTO” is the newest addition to the NADYA TOTO brand name, and acts as the brand’s first dip within the field of homeware! This collection fuses Italian culture, from family traditions in Abruzzi to the art of Sardinia, the proud feminity of an independent woman, and the pre-established foundation of the brand image to bring refinement to the collection. By utilizing the three main colors of green (Verde), white, and blue (navy and turquoise), the collection can replicate the fresh feeling of the Adriatic waters and the overall theme of La dolce vita. The principal use of cotton and linen is not only symbolic by nature but also excels in providing breathable comfort whilst staying sustainable. Due to Italy’s pavement and walkways usually being of ceramic nature, it would have the effect of amplifying the humidity and the heat, thus cotton was used to absorb this humidity and make your homeware a tidbit more breathable. Linen is used to give a rougher hand throughout the collection, to simulate the homemade allure of Nadya’s grandmother’s weaving, but also to give it a more organic feeling. Lastly, the pattern that encapsulates most of the collection is a direct tribute to the island of Sardinia and its grain weaving technique called “Pibiones”. Furthermore, this rendition of this pattern gives the collection a surface detail interest, as well as a geometric and floral mix to make it equal parts interesting and pleasing to the eye.

Certification from “ Oeko-Tex organic fibers”, our linens are reusable and long-lasting, due to them being biodegradable and compostable, making them a zero-waste product. Linen has a slightly rough texture when it is new. The more it is washed, the softer it becomes, which makes it more absorbent as it goes through more washes. It can absorb up to 20% of humidity without looking damp. It is ecological as its crops require no fertilizer or supplemental watering. It is naturally thermoregulatory. It is hypo-allergenic. Due to its ability to quickly absorb and dry, it prevents humidity and moisture from staying on the skin or the linens themselves, making it a healthy material for sensitive skin.

Caring for your linens
Machine wash at a moderate temperature. Recommended to air-dry but can be tumble-dried linens to maintain softness. Recommended using white vinegar. For a more polished look, iron your linens inside-out while it is still humid. For a rustic, relaxed look, air-dry without ironing.