SEVILLA bikini bottom


Turquoise knotted Brazilian bikini bottom


In exclusive, limited stock, this season we’ve created a small capsule of bathing suits to match our dresses; be one of the exclusive few to own a quintessentially Nadya Toto Bathing suit!
Part of a two-piece bikini, SEVILLA is fully lined bikini bottom made from our UV swimwear fabric (details below), that perfectly matches our LUNA and PALOMA dresses. SEVILLA is a Brazilian cut bottom with adjustable side ties. Pair with ODESSA bikini top.

UV Fabric:
Permanent Anti-Odour: Fabric yarns contain nanotechnology with anti-odour properties that last through washes.
Sustainable Textile: Fabric is made from biodegradable polyamide that decomposes in less than three years.
Certified UV protection 80: maintains UV protection even when wet and stretched.
Oeko-Tex Certified: testifies the non-existence of toxic substances.
Fabric produced with reused water.

Brazilian cut with adjustable side ties.
Fully Lined

Machine washable, gentle cycle. Air dry to prevent shrinking.
Made in Brazil.



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